Successful sales is one of the most important objectives of every market expansion project and often the starting point of a project. Based on the experience of 100+ projects, we have developed a sales process that is pragmatic and systematic, whilst full of spirit and passion at the same time!

Every project begins with a thorough preparation consisting of:

  • Product / Service training
  • Initial interview
  • Review of past sales approaches
  • Target definition
  • Sales channels
  • Sales tools preparation (and much more!)

The preparation phase demands differing amounts of time and effort depending on the products as well as the target market. Usually the “homework” can be done within a fortnight, but it always requires the assistance of the client – a phase that we enjoy very much!

A logic and important element of our sales method is a following quick and pragmatic market testing. Why wait until fancy marketing material is developed or academic researches conducted? We like to test an approach as soon as possible, because only in the real world are real results achieved! The reaction of potential clients give us valuable information about the chances of success, the prepared approaches and offer a possibility of the sales optimization with:

  • Review of initial approaches
  • Analysis of feedback and reactions from potential clients
  • Adjustments of sales tools (handout, brochure, general message, email text etc.)
  • Qualification of chosen / tested sales channel (and much more!)

Subsequently, the actual sales campaign can begin. Based on our experience and – where necessary – with a good network of further partners, we are able to successfully realize many types of sales projects. The range of measures, tools, channels and elements may differ, but can include:

  • Email marketing
  • Telemarketing (no callcenter!)
  • Personal meetings
  • Event
  • Mailing of material
  • Creation of sales tools and marketing material
  • POS promotion (and much more!)

Often sales optimizations are done several times and diverse approaches are tested before an ongoing process is defined and set up. The ultimate goal of all efforts is always to have successful sales and to close deals for our clients. We will always have this aim in mind! The motivation of the sales team is essential in this process we are passionate about finding the right spirit and drive that makes the difference…

Once the core architecture has been successfully defined, the first deals have eben closed and the clients are satisfied, we will not forget to make the process sustainable and to define a sophisticated sales controlling. This enables a constant monitoring of all activities and lead to the important sales reporting that gives an overview, takes the pulse and is an essential management tool.

Lastly sales scaling is something we care much about. Our strong belief is; if you can prove it in a petri dish – the rest is only a question of scaling. Sometimes we are this petri dish to prove a point or identify an approach. Sometimes we are the guys on the ground taking this much further and growing it into a significant sales and lead machinery. It depends on the goal(s) of our client.