In some cases, our clients are not interested in the details of how a process is conducted or to manage every detail themselves. Regularly we are asked “just to take care of the German market” and based upon this, we have developed an approach that makes us co-pilotes in the development of the German market.

We combine the services that are necessary to reach the goals and act as an external prolongation of your organization. In some cases we are even equipped with a power of attorney to represent you legally and to be capable of acting in a purpose-fulfilling way.

In general this approach is the most intensive and personal service that we offer and trust and discretion are of immense importance. For dealing with the operational part of this, we have developed processes and reporting-tools to give our client a maximum of comfort with this solution. It goes without saying that this includes a dedicated project manager, regular updates and a bespoke setting that is embedded into the existing structures of the client organization.