We are specialized on B2B lead generation in Germany and have developed an approach to pays off in almost every project.

Our lead generation process is an ongoing solution that combines 6 essential services:

  • Strategic Navigation
  • Target Management
  • Communication Tools
  • Persona Identification
  • Project Management
  • Continuous Door-Openings

By combining these elements, a strong and performative project is set up to enable a market entry within 6-12 months. In principle our lead generation can be offered for many different industries, but it is particularly relevant for technical, machanical and electrical products that aim for decision-makers in larger German organizations (+100 million turnover). Next to this, the process is also relevant for service providers who aim for the same target group for example in the automotive, medical, chemical or mechchanical sectors in Germany.

In any case it is crucial to understand that we have a very clear definition of a lead in this type of project. We will always and only support door-openings of the highest quality and therefore pursue a very quality-oriented approach that may differ (significantly) from other solutions in the market. The leads that we will present, will be ready to talk business, receive proposals or have personal meetings to talk about the significant business that you would like to ignite in Germany. Nothing less is our ambition when it comes to lead generation.

As for outlining the possible outcomes, we refer to our handout and the what we call the ‘equation of lead generation’:

The more resources are made available and/or the more time given, the more doors can be openend over time. Also, the high level of target relationship depth (TRD) plays a huge role and we will only focus on achieving a very high degree.

As abstract as this might sound, it actually is not. As a rule of thumb this type of process will be able to generate 20-50 (depending on individual project criteria) highly qualified leads in the afore-mentioned high-end target groups with a super high interst in doing business per year. The project is only offered as an ongoing model with a minimum duration of 6 months and in most cases prologed several times. In some cases such projects have run for several years because of the tremendous success.

This intensive solution is aimed at companies with a minimum of 5 million EUR/USD turnover.

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