Sales services belong to the backbone of what we do and we are passionate about placing good products and solutions with your new German clients! We have developed an approach that combines years of experiences with dedication and excitement, the BDG SALES PROCESS®:

It all begins with a thorough preparation in order to secure that all homework is done in front of a sales campaign.

This leads naturally to the creation / optimization of the necessary sales tools that make a huge difference. If you equip your sales people with excellent tools, their chances of impressing and winning clients in Germany rises significantly! Leave translation, graphics and communication to us – we know what the German market needs.

The target group definition is something that is done together and often a review of possibilities leads to new target audiences enlarging the potential client base.

A solid research of suitable clients and targets is the “ABC” of a good sales project and something that we take quite seriously. As a result you will have a sophisticated compilation of potential clients with all relevant company details and of course prioritized.

The contacting itself is often good old phoning and emailing to and with the potential clients. We never work with call center providers and only do high-end and super individualized approaches! This means that our contactors are extremely skilled in their role and well-educated personalities opening doors on behalf of our clients. The contacting is a process that can go over weeks (partly months) and that always includes individualized correspondence, thorough documentation and partly personal meetings already in the lead-phase.

Business development germany – we support companies with their market entry into Europe’s key market with a dedicated team who are experts in their respective fields.

If we have a one-off project, we will deliver the results in the form of a short list of companies that wish to meet you or even start a deal immediately. In case we have doing an ongoing project, we will send the sales-results on a daily basis and install regular phone or Skype meetings to discuss the development and share details.

Besides from this process itself, we offer a broader array of sales services such as:

  • Definition of sales strategy
  • Creation of sales tools
  • Identification of suitable partners
  • Building up new distribution channels
  • Testing of new sales approaches and optimization
  • Review & coaching of existing sales units
  • Intallment & definition of sales reports and sales controlling tools

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