If you wish to start a legal entity in Germany, we can guide you through the process and assist with things that lawyers and notaries are not offering. In Germany the corporation itself will always happen at a notary, but there are several things to take care of before and afterwards.

With a broad entrepreneurial background, our view to this is very pragmatic and on spot. Therefore our assistance around the incorporation process gives you high-end and smart services making your company creation in Germany swift, professional and easy.

We will take care of the whole preparation and coordinate appointments and documents in front of the incorporation itself making this process as lean as possible for you. The whole thing can be dealth with on only one-day presence in Germany, installing a German bank account that will work the same day. This service can be offered in Berlin and Cologne.

Afterwards the paperwork will be dealt with and all your requirements in terms of the company set-up are met within a few days or weeks (depending on the scope). It goes without further mentioning that our services in this area are extensive and of course to your discretion.

For further information, please check our handout or contact us directly for a individual proposal.

Services can be: 

  • Identification of most suitable company form and discussion of alternatives
  • Preparation of paperwork and correspondence with German notary
  • Arranging appointments
  • Bank account and opening
  • Registration with fiscal authorities (German TAX-No. and European VAT-No.)
  • Afterwards formal representation, accounting and much more!