Knowledge and preparation are vital for success when planning your market entry strategy into Germany. By working with us, you can access a team of competent professionals who will achieve the desired results in the defined timeframe.

We can offer tried and tested services, along with some less orthodox approaches that might surprise you. Methodology-wise, we tend to think outside the box and to be ultra pragmatic or even practical in our processes – the main thing is that your requirements are fulfilled beyond your expectations! We must emphasize that we fully integrate your existing knowledge, capacities and schedule into our working method. This leads to a very efficient and streamlined approach, and your independent operation of the German market is prepared together as well as possible.

Your objectives, plans and capacities and the preconditions you have set are the starting point and the basis of our cooperation. Depending on the type of project, industry and client wishes, we are able to offer several services for the market entry:

Market research – An elaborated market entry strategy into Germany is key to a successful and sustainable entry into the EU market. Usually, this means starting with an in-depth market analysis to understand the local market and potential customers and rivals. The results of this competitor analysis will enable the development of a realistic market entry strategy into Germany that considers local attitudes and culture.

We can also help you by offering other services, such as

  • Industry experts review
  • Identification of marketing opportunities
  • Preliminary product exposure for testing purposes
  • Complete business plans
  • Initial project to gauge the probability of success
  • Strategic workshop with BDG seniors to further estimate chances and discuss alternatives and obstacles
  • Creation of a market entry strategy for the German market, including the design of market entry mechanisms


The conquest of the German markets requires rethinking the commercial and marketing approach of international companies: to penetrate market entry Germany effectively; it is essential to offer it a value offer that meets its requirements, with the following characteristics:

Successful German businesses epitomize precision and rigor at all levels. Moreover, the German population is attentive to the ecological dimension of the products and services they buy and have performance and reliability as purchasing criteria more than price alone.

Technical characteristics and product performance are the resources of successful communication for market entry Germany. To bring credibility to your value offer, it is necessary to be able to provide a maximum of detailed descriptions of the products and services offered based on factual and quantitative data. No gimmicks are required.

References for market entry Germany
To convince, emergent foreign companies must be able to provide solid references. These can initially be international, if not German. They must be supported by specific and quantified examples, which alone can create a feeling of security among German customers and investors.

In some of the above-mentioned service areas, we even have standardized processes and prices, making entry easy and transparent. Moreover, based on our many years’ experience, we can usually give you a speedy indication of prices and services based on a first conversation or meeting.

Our experts will help you to match your market entry strategy into Germany with your long-term personal goals. The deployment of a thoroughly well-prepared strategy is the basis for the successful long-term development of your business in Europe. Business Development Germany is committed to supporting our clients at each market entry stage. Our competence centre for corporate strategy will help you achieve transparency and keep the risk to a minimum.


The German market is desirable for many companies (size, stability, security) but also very difficult to conquer (very loyal, little innovative, very demanding customers in terms of quality and price, enormous competitive pressure due to the great attractiveness of the market and its central location in the middle of Europe). We look forward to supporting you in your market entry in Germany!

As someone interested in market entry Germany, you need to understand local market dynamics in addition to the often intensely competitive economic environment. No matter what you hope to achieve, our support and advice will help you fulfil your objectives. Our team of specialists have spent many years studying German and international markets and understands the obstacles and barriers that must be overcome. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly about your questions and needs so we can work together to find solutions.