Based on many projects over the years, we have been able to define some standards and methods that increase the impact of the work and make daily operations more concentrated and efficient – for all involved parties.

Successful sales is one of the most important objectives of every market expansion project and often the starting point of a project. Based on the experience of 100+ projects, we have developed a sales process that is pragmatic and systematic.

Finding a distributor, a sales partner or a joint venture partner is classic request of many companies. To simplify, we have chosen to call it a ‘distributor search’.

In some cases, our clients are not interested in the details of how a process is conducted or to manage every detail themselves. Regularly we are aked “just to take care of the German market”.

One of our newest methods is a test that was developed over two years and that aims to define the degree of readiness of a certain company to enter the German market.