Methods Introduction

Based on many projects over the years, we have been able to define some standards and methods that increase the impact of the work and make daily operations more concentrated and efficient – for all involved parties.

Especially, when it comes to sales, several tasks like target definition, potential client database and process of reaching out to companies are crucial. The documentation of the feedback from the German decision makers play a huge role in deciding the path ahead or how to adjust a product message or a sales approach.

In the following we will present some basic processes that we use on regular basis. These are to been seen as summaries – the details of our craft remain something we only share with our clients.

Not all of our services can be standardized and are therewith not object of fixed processes. For example when it comes to strategic consultancy, we will be talking about a very intense and personal support, but even here we strive to work with a few methods that can be of immense help.

Nothing is carved into stone and as a modern, entrepreneurial-oriented consultancy; we aim for an agile and purpose-fulfilling approach.