German gas-reseller

Huge sales organization

The first independent gas supplier for consumers since the German gas market was privatised in 2008. This major German brand is a great supporter of sports and has around 320.000 clients and around 320 million EUR turnover. The company came into a crisis in 2012 and lost thousands of clients because of extreme conditions on the German gas market.


  • Crisis strategy development for the complete board of directors
  • Development of profitable business model in rapidly changing market surroundings.
  • New design of complete sales back office, front office and marketing department.
  • Coaching of managers on c-level

“Special challenges”

The crisis was extreme. 25% of the employees were fired, 4 offices had to close and the motivation of great parts of the team was low. On the external side, competitors used this weakness and aggressively approached the clients etc. BDG was also hired by the investment fund that had acquired the company. This made the approach even more challenging.


  • Complete new face of the company.
  • New products and prices much more suitable for the defined (more profitable) target groups.
  • Almost the complete sales- and marketing management was changed.
  • Thim Werner was issued a power of attorney and also acted as interim manager in the company for 3 months.
  • The result of this was the successful exit of the investor and the complete consolidation of the company which today is healthy and files black and not red numbers.