Spanish research department

Complex scientific services

The 100% subsidiary of one of Spain’s biggest universities employs about 300 scientists that does research in applied mechanics, materials and microelectronics. Although a non-profit organization, the task was to generate entrance on the German market, in the scientific landscape and to organize meetings with German industrial companies interested in the capabilities of the client.


  • Strategic workshop in Spain moderated by BDG senior to evaluate all options etc.
  • Competitor research and review of ’scientific landscape’
  • Complete re-design of marketing materials, new presentations, translation into German etc.
  • Identification of 80 suitable, industrial companies and professional approach of the same.
  • Trade fair in March 2015 in Berlin with qualified meetings.

“Special challenges”

When a German industrial company choses a research partner for technology, it usually prefers a German research institute and secondly projects in this field have huge budgets (e.g. “big deals”).


  • BDG generated one first client during the first 6 months of representation (much in this field!).
  • The event on the trade fair in Berlin turned out to become THE most successful one in the history of the company in Germany.
  • BDG managed to arrange 18 c-level meetings within 3 days that lead to numerous contacts and negotiations.
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