PPE Masks


Masks for Businesses on the Peak of the Corona Crisis Supporting a high-quality mask producer enter into German market

“BDG was most helpful throughout the market entry strategy and immediately identified interesting partners in the German market for CBM to initiate their first successful cooperation with the German entities. We appreciated the professional approach and goal oriented assistance in order to continue successful product expansion together with BDG.“

Mikus Levins, CEO at Connect Baltic Medical

The client is from North of Jutland in Denmark and started out on a small scale driven by a mission to provide high quality oil candles to the HoReCa sector. Through hard work and an excellent product development, the company grew successfully and is today a recognized partner in its field with distribution all over Europe.


At the very peak of the Corona crisis, there was a shortage of protective masks of all kinds in the German market. Even doctors and people working in elderly care and similar, were reusing masks not suited for this purpose. In order to get protection against the new pandemic, all kinds of protective material were discussed, and the desperation was high.

BDG was approached by an East European producer of innovative and high-qualitative sportswear and fabrics with special qualities. Within a shortage of time, a first mask was designed that was easy to wear and washable. The wearing-comfort was so high that it could even be used over many hours a day or while working out. The fabric was of a special antibacterial silver-ion coating and the non-clinical washable masks offered a respiratory safety and quality that was ideal for the situation.


Based on this, BDG decided to sketch up a market entry plan together with a marketing for the German market. We analyzed the situation and concluded that the masks could not be sold as clinical masks, but had a market in businesses, public environments and similar. Within only two weeks, we set up the project and could deliver first sales.


The goal of the project was to bring in an unknown, yet highquality offering producer to the German market and to support sales and introductions. Despite of the huge pressure for viable solutions at the moment, a thorough navigation – also in terms of rules and legal framework – was highly important. Lastly, speed and swift execution was crucial for all sides and factors of the project.


Immediately after going into this assignment, we set up a project plan together with the client and began to research the possibilities and approach German authorities in order to secure that a later offering would not be in conflict with any law or framework for PPE. Hence, the project rolled out and the following project elements were achieved:

  • Market overview in a crisis situation including legal framework and distributive landscape (very shifting due to exemptive regulation in context of crisis)
  • Definition of target groups and identification of almost 100 suitable buyers and relevant organizations
  • Re-designed communication & marketing material including price list
  • Set of professional product photos
  • Translation of descriptive texts in German
  • Within the first week, one big German university ordered 4,500 masks for their students
  • More than 55 German companies were contacted in only 2 weeks and later sales were rolled out in Germany
  • Distributive sales situation was created, and many happy accounts acquired


The distribution into Germany was set up by BDG within a shortage of time and numerous large partners were approached in a professional sales process that led to sales within two weeks from starting the project.