Leading provider of digial solutions for the modern shopfloor management

“Thim and the BDG team have been key for us in all kind of business we’ve done in Germany. Whenever you try to enter into a market, it’s quite important to count with professional and reliable support. We are not a big corporation that counts with “unlimited” resources. And that’s where BDG plays an important role for us, giving us smart and strategic support.“

Roberto Delgado Marcos, CEO at Mobile Lean S.L.

mlean is today one of the leading European companies for tools for continuous improvement. Headquartered in Valladolid, Spain, the company has helped various companies since 2014 with optimizing their shopfloors.

The solutions of mlean are installed and daily used in hundreds of factories across Europe and the company is working hard on making the routines of their clients not only more efficient, but also digitalize them completely.


mlean turned to BDG already back in 2016 to make a first exploration of how the German market would react to the digital solutions of mlean. We reached out to a small group of companies and validated their interest in having a meeting. Thus, the management of mlean came to Germany and the visits were made and even one first client came out of this. Having grown to more company strength in 2020, the company was now ready to plan next steps of a market entry in Germany and decided to rely on BDG again.


BDG started immediately with preparing for this ambitious project and first selections of potential target lists were made. A team was defined, and several online meetings were held to prepare a solid plan for doing business in Germany. Finally, it was decided to start the project on the 1st of April 2021 and to offer online demos to relevant German companies and then later on to also add the possibility of personal meetings again.


Although on the peak of the Covid-19 crisis, it was decided to start planning how to do business in Germany. The clear goal was defined as generating enough qualified leads throughout one year to get 3-5 new German clients.


A senior communication and sales expert was assigned with the project and several services were conducted over the next months of the project:

  • Translating and optimizing communication material for the Germany market
  • Vast investigation of target groups and potential company databases
  • Doing first tests of business development in Germany
  • Defining methods for getting the right contact persons within the target companies indemnified
  • Setting up fortnightly reports and update calls with all involved team members
  • Arranging demos and personal meetings for the management of mlean
  • Support with translations and development of case studies, German website and much more
  • Support with general strategy on how to do business in Germany
  • Developing first PR efforts in Germany
  • Supporting visits in Germany, accompaniment and trade fair support


Since the beginning of the project, approximately 300 relevant companies have been systematically contacted and more than 34 demos and requests took place based on this. Several clients were added to the impressive list that can be found on the website of mlean. BDG is proud to be supporting mlean still today and will hopefully remain at the side of the company for the next years as well.