Hungarian aroma producer

Hungarian aroma producer

Expanding business to Germany
Producer of aromatic substances with manifold implementation possibilities was aiming to generate business in Germany.


To begin with the market situation was analyzed and investigated thoroughly in order to map the situation. Based on this a workshop was set up with the client to decide paths and approaches. Hereinafter; identification of relevant target groups, in-depth analysis of target markets and creation of marketing materials for highly focused approaches of the specific target groups; following intense sales campaigns via phone, mail and trade fair visits.

“Special challenges”

This area is extremely complex and also “behind closed doors”.


  • Definition of target groups Research and selection of targets Intense sales campaigns
  • Profound market knowledge Development of business strategy
  • Establishing relations with strategically important organizations Diverse highly-targeted marketing materials Membership in relevant German associations Establishment of market presence was built up over a longer period of time
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