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Compliance & Strategy for German entity

„Thim is extremely helpful and supportive towards our overseas compliances. He is always proactive and shares live updates. This helps in taking quick and better decisions. He works cost-effective and provide adequate solutions. His team is superb and are available around the clock for instant help.“

Abishek Jhawar, Senior Manager at e-Zest Solutions

e-Zest is an agile technology innovation partner for enterprises, public sector organizations and software product companies that offers complex digital solutions to their clients. Originally based out of Mumbai, India, the company has grown massively into an organization with today more than 7,900 employees in several


There was already a legal entity of the group in Germany, but structures needed to be updated, compliance implemented and the further strategical development of it was under review. Thus, the company turned to BDG for assistance.


Thorough analysis of their status quo and several Skype meetings to go through all details including involvement of legal team, payroll topics, strategy, bookkeeping and much more.

BDG had a plan ready within 3 weeks after having received the assignment and then turned to external German tax advisors to begin on the transition of methods. Further to this, BDG dedicated a person to take single care of all questions concerning the German entity and to assist with all official correspondence, negotiations etc.


The primary goal was to make the German entity compliant, efficient and well prepared for the future. In addition to this, a new structure of bookkeeping, pay slip services and other administrative structure was to be implemented.


  • Identification of weaknesses in the organization
  • Definition of changed goals and small roadmap
  • Formal correspondence with German authorities
  • Change of external tax, legal and payroll capacities together with external German advisors
  • Oversight of all compliance questions and guidance and ongoing controlling
  • Strategic advice


The desired new structures were implemented despite of all existing difficulties and the entity was helped through the tough Covid-19 difficulties of 2020. Also a German bookkeeping structure and compliant human resources administration was defined and implemented successfully.