AnySharp – The World’s Best Knife Sharpener
Innovative and award-winning kitchen tools

„We have been very impressed with the commitment, passion and efficiency shown by BDG in our recent contract. The owner and staff are courteous, respond instantly and go out of their way to help and do favors without raising eyebrows or extra costs. We are now looking to extend our partnership indefinitely, since we are confident we will not find anyone better to represent us in Germany.”

Zia Rehmann, Brand Manager at AnySharp

The innovative kitchen tools company is located in in Dundee, Scotland and has developed a revolutionary knife sharpener called AnySharp.
After being very successful with the product in the UK, the request slowly began to take off in other European countries as well. This was the background, when reaching out to BDG to get professional assistance with entering the German market and building up a distributive situation here.


Besides the knife sharpener itself, the company has a whole array of interesting and innovative sharpening tools for example for gardening tools and similar.


We chose a very pragmatic approach to this project and flew to Edinburgh to have a workshop with the client and to learn all about the products.

Upon getting back to Germany, we investigated the market thoroughly and compiled a vast list of potential buyers, distributors and other business partners for the approval of the client.


The primary goal of the project was to begin effective sales in Germany and to find suitable distributors. In order to do this however, several preparations were necessary, and the ‘distributive landscape’ needed to be investigated and sales tools prepared accordingly

Since the client is an extremely well-organized company with the desire to cultivate long-term business, the search profile and the whole approach aimed for similarly oriented businesses in Germany


The project had a long duration and we have been working for and with AnySharp for 6+ years. The following is only an excerpt of what was executed in the context of bringing the company into the German market:

  • Initial workshop in Scotland
  • Extensive analysis of the German market
  • Research of suitable business partners, importers and distributors
  • Sales and contacting process over months in order to validate the interest in a partnership with our client
  • Reporting and regular updates on sales progress
  • Support with translation, preparation of marketing tools, diverse services in the context of communication with German counterparts and business partners
  • Promotion of the brand in Germany
  • Sub-distribution of samples and following up with key decision makers


After a difficult beginning in the German market, we were able to identity and win a large B2C distributor who enlisted AnySharp into both its catalogue and its web shop, where is has been selling for several years now.