How BDG can help your company successfully enter the German market

Planning to move your company to Germany or to export your products to the German market? We can help.

About Business Development Germany

Navigating international business relationships can be a minefield. So many things are different, it can be easy to make errors that can prove costly. Fortunately, there is help at hand, designed to save you time and stress. Business Development Germany is an established firm of consultants that specialises in assisting international companies who wish to explore the German markets. You can use our knowledge and expertise in a number of ways to determine your company’s readiness to launch in the economic powerhouse that is Germany.

Do you need a business consultant in Germany?

Whether you need a business consultant in Germany or the support of skilled interim management in Germany, we can provide the right professional to advise you on the best way to launch your business in this county. As a team with a wealth of expertise in a range of areas – from market research to developing and testing strategies – and are able to offer vital information about introducing your business to Germany. With a comprehensive understanding of the modern German economy and its business culture, we are on hand to accompany you along each stage of the journey. And it doesn’t matter what sector your company is in or if it is large or small, we are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure your entry in Germany is a complete success!

Benefit from a consultant entry in Germany – use our wealth of knowledge to access the essential information about the viability of the German market

There are myriad reasons why companies are keen to enter the German markets but the main one is the fact that Germany remains the dominant market for the entire continent of Europe and so is extremely attractive for both domestic and international businesses. If you can break through into the German markets, your business will reap the rewards.
At BDG we have a keen understanding of the obstacles that foreign companies face when attempting to navigate and compete in this intense and highly demanding environment. With a focus that primarily concentrates on marketing and sales, our approach is reactive, pragmatic and completely centred on success. We develop close working relationships with our clients so that we are able to steer you through the intricacies of German bureaucracy and arrange all the necessary services.

Whether you intend to launch a new company or expand the territory of your existing business in the German market – we offer an extensive range of interim management in Germany, specifically designed to support you in what can be a confusing and challenging time.

Our areas of expertise include:

Sales in Germany – are your targets achievable and how can they be improved?
Market research and competitor analysis – to ensure that your specific market is not already saturated
Advice from a senior consultant about entry into Germany, with business plans and workshops
Development of a market entry strategy for the German market, including design of market entry mechanisms

If you feel that your service or product is ready to achieve sales in Germany, we are able to make it happen!
From the initial evaluation of your chances of success to the final entry of your business in Germany, we can drive your company forward to succeed in the highly competitive German markets. Contact us today to make an appointment for an initial consultation.