• Thim Werner

    Managing Director

    Thim has an entrepreneurial background and is a business strategist with passion for sales and business development. With 15+ years of experience, he coordinates the bigger projects and is head of the organization.

  • Annika Lauer


    Annika joined BDG back in 2015, while still finishing her marster’s degree in business administration. She acts as project coordinator, right hand and head of research / target preparation.

  • Kristin Huckauf


    Kristin has been on board since the beginning and her marketing support is extremely helpful, when foreign clients need a “German twist".

  • Ute Janßen

    Senior Sales & Communication

    Ute is a senior communicator and belongs to the backbone of our team in long-term projects. Her passion for people, language and challenges is unique and therefore an important ‘door opener’ into heavy key accounts.

  • Martina Mantei-Bellingen

    Senior Sales & Communication

    As an expert in communication and always with a friendly smile, Ms Mantei-Bellingen prepares appointments and reaches out to German companies on behalf of our foreign clients.

  • Daniela Kroll

    Sales & Communication

    Ms. Kroll reaches out to potential clients and partners in Germany and is good at opening doors and new accounts for our foreign clients.

  • Jana Cremer

    Sales & Communication

    Ms. Cremer always starts a call with a smile and is excellent at preparing meetings and new business contacts for our clients.

  • Stephanie Gans

    Sales & Communication

    With a great passion for communication, Ms. Gans is an expert for finding the words and reaching out to new business partners.

  • Daniel Wood

    Sales & Communication

    Daniel builds his sales experience on 20 years of experience and suits our team with his pragmatism and his MBA!

  • Herbert Adams

    Senior Consultant

    With a great experience Mr. Adams gives us access to important connections in Germany. He has worked with and for big enterprises and disposes over an excellent network.

  • Gerhard Hess

    Senior Consultant

    Mr. Hess is a multiple entrepreneur himself and played a role in starting BDG. He is an expert in strategy and knows what it takes to build up a business in Germany.

  • Klaus Piske

    Senior Consultant

    With more than 25 years of experience in marketing, Klaus is able to help with target group analysis and mailing campaigns.

  • Tobias Tanner

    Senior Consultant

    American born, Tobias has been in Germany for more than 15 years now and followed BDG from the beginning. He has started several companies himself and has today one of the most interesting lifestyle facilitators in Berlin.

  • Jörg Reents

    Senior Consultant

    Jörg has over 20 years of experience in successfully bringing foreign clients onto the the German market and is our expert for the search of distributors for a swift and efficient market launch. He operates from Hamburg and is known for a sharp definition of target groups and superb results.

  • Lis Nørgaard

    Senior Consultant

    Lis has advised Danish companies focussing on research of client groups, professional matchmaking as well as marketing. With an extensive knowledge of German culture and much know-how in several industries, Lis has accompanied numerous Danish companies in setting up their activities in Germany.

  • Matthias Hansen

    Senior Sales Consultant

    Matthias has spent the last 20 years with sales for big and medio-sized companies in Germany and is today responsible for especially bigger projects and finding the right sales structures.

  • Volker Bannasch

    Senior Consultant

    Volker is strong in process management and reorganization of SME and big companies. He leads his own successful, specialized consultancy in Cologne.

  • Sita Schubert

    Senior Consultant

    Sita has a legal background and is a business partner from Cologne. Her specialty is to support medical companies with their market entry and development in Germany.

  • Jiten Khatavkar

    Senior Consultant India

    With an office in Bengaluru in South India, Jiten is head of our activities there and organizes meetings and events.

  • Ramanujan Gopala

    Senior Consultant India

    Ramanujan is an entrepreneur himself and also MD in one of our Indian daughter-daughter companies. Rama, as he is referred to mostly, is internationally active and leads a team of 140 people.

  • Simmy Mishra

    Consultant India

    Simmy is our Indian pearl and head of the office in Pune in North India. She is an engineer herself and in the function of project-coordinator for mostly technical projects between India and Germany.

  • Marc Heimann

    Junior Consultant

    Marc is one of our youngest team members and a hard working junior that we probably will hear more about in a few years!

  • Claudia Araujo


    Many of our products need to be shown in a beautiful light and here we get help from Claudia, a skilled photographer making the most amazing pictures!

  • Emma Starrs

    Press & PR

    Emma Starrs handles BDG's press and PR activity and has over 14 years' experience in leading agency, press office and in house roles.

  • Georg Schütz

    Quality Management

    Our quality manager takes care of the ongoing implementation of DIN ISO 9001:2015 and has a broad experience with efficiency and client-orientation.

  • Jeremy Keppel

    Jeremy Keppel

    Digitalization & Strategy

    With an academic background in IT and process optimization, he helps us in important projects of a certain size.

  • Lorenz Thaden

    Online Marketing

    Our new colleague is an expert in online marketing and quite literally a digital native. He helps us to build new websites and to implement digital projects.