Sourcing of partnersSourcing of Partners

Co-operation? Partnerships? Alliances?

For a company that wants to tap into the German market in addition to its domestic market, collaborations, partnerships and alliances with other companies that could serve as partners are potentially effective strategy options. 

The co-operation.

Such co-operations may be aligned differently. The possibilities range from licensing agreements, distribution partnerships, franchising agreements to joint ventures. We act on our client's behalf by proactively seeking out potential partners, distribution partners and business contacts and ensure that agreements are secured by contract. Competent specialists are on hand to provide vital support to work on different tasks. 

Process flow:

  • Focusing the co-operation objective
  • Identification and qualification of potential partners
  • Contact & Negotiation
  • Assessment and decision making
  • Contractual verification


Legal issues? Our partners provide professional support for all matters!

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