Formation planningFormation planning

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It usually makes sense to decide whether to establish a subsidiary, a branch, or a representative office in the context of a market development program. It is imperative to establish a coordinated approach in association with legal, tax and resettlement aspects. 


Founding accompanying measures.

For companies seeking a permanent location in Germany, it can be time-and cost-efficient to use experts as a founding companion. We assist our clients in this building process from the start phase and thanks to our expertise and our extensive network of contacts, this is a smooth process. Thus, we provide assistance in all planning tasks and can assist with all administrative, licensing and registration matters. 


Our foundation schedule

  • Basic planning: legal requirements, naming, corporate branding, responsibilities
  • Business planning: targets, market activities, funding, time-frame
  • Sales planning: approach, target groups, organization, finding and binding of partners
  • Workforce planning: recruiting professionals and managers
  • Site planning: property qualification, architecture and building development
  • Organizational planning: structure, processes, resources, accounting, accounting and financial management


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