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We recruit the best available professionals!

With market entry programs, the issue of sourcing, hiring and training of suitable staff is often a critical factor for long term success. Without a talented and loyal German workforce, it will usually not be possible to enjoy lasting success in Germany. 


We can help you find suitable candidates and motivate professionals and executives with proven track records to help achieve your stated objectives. Cultural compatibility between German management and corporate management of our clients is very important. Our holistic approach ensures that only candidates with a cross-cultural orientation are presented to our clients. 


Service spectrum:

  • Definition of the requirement profile: formulation of expectation criteria
  • Tender: placing advertisements in relevant media, E-recruiting, job fairs
  • Selection: match the candidate with the requirements
  • Personal interviews: structured interview guide, strengths and weaknesses matrix
  • Recommendation and decision making: final selection of candidates and recommendation
  • Contractual labor regulation: copy by specialized solicitors/attorneys


There is nothing like having reliable partners on the ground! We find them for you!

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