Our packages

Sometimes it helps, when concrete services are displayed at a glace and even provided with a price. Most of our services are complex and negotiated individually with every client, but especially for the beginning of a new partnership it can give excellent orientation and help for a market entry to use one of our Initial Packages





If you are planning a bigger market entrance or would like to calculate the costs and expected revenue of your new business in Germany, we would recommend a thorough business plan or business case:

 businesspackage web


You do not need a lot of preparation and are interested in reaching out to your potential clients and partners directly? Then you should go for our Sales Process that combines the necessary amount of preparational work with strong sales activities. We will reach out to our targets and generate interest in your product and report the results every tweo weeks. Check out our 'bestseller': 


Sales Process


Because of the great success of our packages, we are preparing more for the next year. So do not forget us - and keep a closer look at the development of our website!