BDG has accomplished great success in the field of technical and engineering solutions on the German market. As a result of the same, a special industrial department has been defined that will be present at several important business events of the industry: 

  • Automatica in Munich from 21st of June - 25th of June 2016
  • Automechanika in Frankfurt from 13th of September - 17th of September 2016
  • Belektro in Berlin from 11th of October - 13th of October 2016
  • Electronica in Munich from the 8th of November - 17th of November


On every event, you will find BDG representatives and there can of course be scheduled a personal meeting on beforehand - please just contact us, if you are interested. 

To get more information about, what BDG can do in the field of engineering, we recommend to study our handout (industrial solution): 

 BDG Industrial Pic


We look much forward to good, inspiring and successful events and thank our clients for the well functioning partnerships in this area! Should you have any questions in this context, please use the direct contact data of your BDG contact person. 



German days in Lisbon

We are happy to announce that we together with our partner consultancy in Portugal, the renowned meething, will have the first "German Days Event" from Monday the 4th - Wednesday the 6th of July 2016. The aim is to offer the highest quality market expansion solutions to interested Portuguese companies that are interested in growing their business in Germany. 


With unique methods and the most dedicated team of professionals, BDG is able to create success for the clients within only weeks. 


The team of BDG is looking much forward to this event and is sure that many further will take place in future. We thank meething for the help and support in this context and look much forward to a long and trustful partnership!



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