BDG is happy to announce that we together with our partner consultancy in Hungary, the renowned M27, will have the first "German Days Event" from Monday the 15th - Wednesday the 17th of June 2015. The aim is to offer the highest quality market expansion solutions to interested Hungarian companies that are interested in growing their business in Germany. 


With unique methods and the most dedicated team of professionals, BDG is able to create success for the clients within only weeks. 


The team of BDG is looking much forward to this and is sure that many further events like this will take place in future. We thank M27 for the help and support in this context and look forward to a long and trustful partnership!



BDG has published 12 excellent reasons for doing business in Germany and will continue to provide all clients, partners and visitors of our website with valuable information about Germany, but also on how to expand your business here. 


If you are considering investing in Germany, you might check out our new articles which offer both positive and negative reasons here or go directly to Invest In Germany



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