Universities in Germany

Universities are hailed across the world as the beacon for knowledge and wisdom. In a university, a great deal of information is passed down generation after generation, as part of the collective learning process. However that is not all that universities in Germany have to offer. In Germany, students can attend some of the most prestigious education institutions in Western Europe and also benefit from a high quality of life coupled with low to none tuition fees which are a great help to advancing one's career.

Here is a list of the top ranking universities in Germany. Starting with, the Free University of Berlin, the Humbolt University of Berlin, the Technische Universitat Munchen, the Heidelberg University, the Hochschule Furtwangen University and finally the University of Freiburg. There is practically a top-class university situated in almost every major city in Germany. Showing how well spread and developed the educational system is here in Germany. There is no weak-link amongst the cities when it comes to educational value.

Coming first on our list is the Free University of Berlin. Founded in the year of 1948, with a current enrolment of around 24,000 students. Considered to be in the top 4, this is the largest research university in Berlin and nearby. And it is particularly strong in arts and humanities and social sciences. The university has branches all across the world, such as in the US, Belgium, Egypt, China and India. This allows students to explore the entire world through their campus. The University scored 87th in the QS World University Rankings last year.

Second, also found in the capital of Germany, is the Humbolt University. One of the oldest universities in Berlin and around, founded in the year 1810. With a current enrolment of approximately 33,000 students. Humboldt is a hard-core research university with opportunities to work with world renowned faculties in fields such as the history of science, quantitative economics, and climate and sustainability research. Compared to the free University of Berlin, Humbolt is more focused on sciences as opposed to the more natural arts and creativity of the free university of Berlin. It ranked 99th in the QS World University Rankings last year.

Moving on, The Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM) founded in the year of 1868 with a current enrolment of 37,000 students. Considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in Europe as a whole. The university hosts about 5000 international students, making up 16% of the entire enrolment. The university excels mostly in more technical aspects and has a strong degree in engineering. The university has strong partnerships with highly prestigious universities across the globe, such as MIT and Stanford. It ranked 53rd in the QS World University Rankings last year.

Fourthly, the Heidelberg University, founded as early as 1386. Making it one of the oldest university, not just in Germany, but in all of Europe. With a current enrolment of around 30,000, almost 20% of its students are internationals from more than 120 countries around the world. The university performs best in the sciences divisions. The university, though old is still a major player in education. Ranking 55th in the QS World University Rankings last year.

Continuing with the trend, the Hochschule Furtwangen University, founded in the year 1850. Although a relativity small university with a current enrolment of 5,000 students, it still has a meaningful impact of the German educational system. Its International Business Management program is ranked second in the country, and its computer sciences and engineering programs are still noteworthy. 13% of its students come from abroad.

Last but not least, the University of Freiburg, founded in the year 1457 has a current enrolment of 24,000 students of which 16% are international students. The university focus lies on international students. It aims to teach and develop foreign students the German language in a well-developed manner. It also hosts a distinguished international master's program in English.

This is but a small list and an introduction to the top universities of Germany. Studying in Germany as a student whether, international or not will definitely prove to be an amazing experience that will have provides an everlasting impression of German life to anyone who embarks on such journey.

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