International students

Education in today's world is seen as a core foundation for every man, woman and child. It is almost the norm for everyone you meet to be able to understand and communicate using a form of language. However a new norm of education is becoming more and more prevalent over the last few decades. Studying abroad and learning, new cultures, traditions and languages is becoming more expected and sought out. More and more students are challenging the old ways of staying near their home and city and are expanding their horizons. Germany is one of the few countries that inspires students to leave their homes and study abroad. With its free tuition, amazing culture and high number of international studies and degrees, Germany is now attracting thousands of international students to embrace new environments and regions every year.

To be exact, the total number of international students enrolled at German institutions of higher education in the winter semester 2012-2013 was around 282,000. Ever more German students are also choosing to go for a period of study abroad. There were 133,800 German students enrolled at an institution of higher education abroad in 2011. This number will only increase within the coming few years.

Most international students in Germany come from the rest of Europe (51%) followed by Asia (31.9%), while a small percentage comes from Africa and America. Only 0.2% come from Australia. Not just that, Germany is the world's most popular non-Anglophone study destination, and 4th most popular overall, just after US, UK and Australia. Without a doubt this proves Germany's status as a highly attractive country for international students to come and explore the beauty and way of the German lifestyle. International students choose Germany for a couple of reasons, amongst them are the desires to acquire specialized knowledge and improve their language skills, to the expectation that after completing their studies they will have more career opportunities back in their home country or in Germany.

Here are a couple of reasons why Germany is such a popular destination for students, listed hereafter. Almost zero tuition fees are required to be paid by the students. The German government took care of that, in the knowledge that an educated citizen now is worth a lot more 20 years down the road. Cheaper costs of living, compared to the neighbouring EU countries - Germany ranks average on this front and students also receive reduced prices at theatres, museums, opera houses, cinemas, swimming pools and other institutions. To access these benefits, all that is needed is a student's ID. Safety is another attraction, because it is a big deal for Germans. The country has taken extra precautions to make sure that wherever you are, big city or a small village, you can trust that it's a safe environment. Another great point to consider is that English is now gaining a good standing amongst the German universities. Entire courses are now offered in English for students pursuing degree, bachelor and masters courses alike. This means that anyone from anywhere can now study and live in one of the most developed and strongest nations of the 21st century, without the obligation to learn a new language.

Summing it all up, studying in Germany, guarantees that students will receive a world class education, great quality of life and an amazing international experience - all of this at a low to zero cost. This demonstrates how devoted Germany is towards, not just towards its citizens, but also the citizens of the whole world as well.

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