"We thank the whole team of BDG for an excellent service that went far beyond the original scope. It is a pleasure to have consultants that take their work so seriously and consult us with such a high degree of professionalism. 

BDG offers a strongly recommendable service for foreign companies that wish to enter the German market!"

Anna Fefilova, Project Manager, Bargus Trade LLC

St. Petersburg / Russia


"Working with you is a pleasure. So, let's keep doing it until we manage to reach the desired result; an increase in sales!"

Giacomo D'Agostino, Brand Manager, Agape s.r.l.

Tortoreto / Italy


"BDG understood us incredible quickly, solved our problems and developed competent and absolutely practicable solutions." 

Frank Simon, Managing Director, ReduLight GmbH

Neuss / Germany


"During our process of setting up an office in Berlin, we have contacted several parties for advice and asdistance. BDG stood out with their knowledge and prompt replies to any question we had. 

We recommend their services and we will certainly use their services again in future."

Louise Wolf, CFO, Binary Ltd. 

Jersey / Channel Islands


"The formulated project objectives were quickly recognized and implemented with great speed and reliability by the BDG team. The contact persons were always professional and extremely friendly! We will at any time approach BDG with new tasks and can only recommend them atmost highly!"

Jan-Christian Koch, Member of the Excutice Board, Yasko Properties GmbH

Berlin, Germany 


"Thim was extremely helpful, supportive and hard working. I have worked with other development agencies before, but I have never seen this level of implication. He went well above the initial expectations and was always proactive. We never had to follow up and push to get the work done, instead he was sending periodical updates and always walkting the extra mile.


One of the best decisions we made, especially considering how difficult it is to enter the German market. You need to partner with someone who knows the market and is willig to adapt and decipher it for you."

Miguel Munoz, President, AirCrewClub DMCC

Abu Dhabi, UAE


"To start a new company in Germany we consulted several firms before we decided to go with BDG and I can't be happier. Thim is an expert consultant, he helped us through all the steps, he swims swiftly in the german bureaucracy and his advices were always useful. He goes for the extra mile every time, I strongly recommend him to whoever wants to develop a business in Germany."

Julianus D'Intino, Managing Director, Oxjno s.n.c.

Rome / Italy


"Working with BDG is the key to your success in Germany. Mr Werner and his colleagues perfectly combine the agile attitude of a good salesperson and the insightful ideas of a strategic consultant. But what is even more important: though offering a market where all the global players are competing, they understand the special expectation of SME decision-makers, therefore they manage to bring measurable results to our clients coming from any European country."

Iván Gyuarácz Németh, Partner, M27 ABSOLVO Consulting Kft.

Budapest / Hungary 


"We were happy with the work carried out by BDG regarding the two projects we have entrusted them. Communication was regular during the projects and deadlines have been met. They also effectively supported our clients during appointments. It is with pleasure that we will continue to work with BDG on future projects for our clients interested in the German market."

Sandrine Berthou, Project Manager, International Trade Connexion S.A.S

Paris / France 


"We have collaborated with BDG in a project that supported our presence as exhibitors at CeBIT 2015. The BDG team proved to be very professional, reliable and with very quick response times."

Anca Dumitriu, Executive Manager, BeeNear Srl. 

Iasi / Rumania 


"We have been very impressed with the commitment, passion and efficiency shown by BDG in our recent contract. The owner and staff are courteous, resond instantly and go out of their way to help and do favours without raising eyebrows or extra costs. We are now looking to extend our partnership indefinitely, since we are confident we will not find anyone better to represent us in Germany."

Zia Rehmann, AnySharp Brand Manager, Aydya Ltd.

Dundee, Scotland / UK


"BDG is not the typical partner you request something and could obtain some results when the contract ends. We really appreciate two key aspects in our relationship. They feel the project as they were part of our organization and the project never ends until it is perfect."

Antonio Alonso, Chief Financial Officer, Solid GEAR S.L.

Valladolid / Spain


"Zapt Industries contacted Thim Werner and Business Development Germany in relation to penetrating into the German market with a product we had recently designed. Thim has offered a professional service for the complete period of the scope of works and always been prompt on updates of information and leads. We look forward to working with Business Development Germany and Mr. Thim Werner on all future projects related in the market of Germany and would recommend Thim to any future companies interested in the market of Germany."

Jason Glore, General Manager, Zapt Industries

Brisbane / Australia


"Cleopa GmbH is specialized in energy efficiency and eco-innocations for clients within a wide range of industries. Our partners are mainly situated in Germany, but we also work with research facilities across Europe, i.e. within the framework of EU research projects. Cleopa enjoys working with BDG since the start of the cooperation. As a small company, it is important to choose reliable partners and establish durable business relations. For Cleopa GmbH, BDG is part of this important network."

Detlef Olschewski, Managing Director, Cleopa GmbH

Berlin / Germany


"When I worked with the BDG team for the first time, I immediately notived that they take every single task very serious. The delivered results have been a major benefit for our company and brought us more than only one step forward. I was impressed by the low fees for this high quality work. A young, dynamic and very agile company... Thank you very much for the great collaboration."

Florian Mahler, Chief Engineer, Mycontrol24 UG

Cologne / Germany

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