We are proud that we recieve requests from all over the world. Nevertheless it can be particularly helpful if we also have a special understanding of the origins of our clients. Besides the important factor of language, also the cultural knowledge plays a crucial role.


In our team, we have special country experts who not only speak the language fluently, but also have a thorough knowledge of the country, its economy, culture and mentality. Partly the experts work directly from the country of origin; but in any case they are visiting the country several times a year and always are closely informed about the development etc.  


In this way, we already have experts for the following countries: 

  • Denmark
  • Poland
  • Italy
  • UK
  • China
  • Switzerland


If you are interested, check the left submenu for the first greeting message in each specific contry's language. We will continually develop this section further and inform you about new experts and countries!


Get a consultation today in your own language and contact us for your market expansion in Germany!


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