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business development germany is proud of a long list of references. Below you will find a mixture of references from German and international clients for your general information. We have many more and would gladly deliver a full list upon request. 


Also our broad and strong network of renowned market experts have great references. Some of them have industry-specific knowledge and served clients in numerous projects - also this and more information about it can be delivered upon further request. 


ABSOLVO Consulting Kft., Budapest / Hungary

Agape s.r.l., Tortoreto / Italy

Air Crew Club, Dubai / UAE

Aydya Ltd., Dundee Scotland / UK

Bargus Trade LLC, St. Petersburg / Russia

BeeNear Srl., Iasi / Romania

Binary Ltd., Jersey / Channel Islands

CEIT, San Sebastian / Spain

Cleopa GmbH, Hennigsdorf / Germany

Denmark Business Consulting, Cologne / Germany

GoodWell, Aalborg / Denmark

International Trade Connexion S.A.S., Paris / France

JustCall General Trading LLC, Dubai / U.A.E. 

Kahan's Ltd., Tel Aviv / Israel

Meeccon Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru / India

N.I.S. Ltd., Kiryat Ono / Israel

Nonna Peppy, Kfar Vradim / Israel

Nybolig Erhverv, Copenhagen / Denmark


Oxjno S.n.c., Rome / Italy

Service2000, Santa Ponsa / Spain

Solid GEAR S.L., Valladolid / Spain

Spar Garant AG, Z├╝rich / Switzerland

TypicDutch, Grou / The Netherlands

World Travel Awards, London / UK

Yasko Properties GmbH, Berlin / Germany

Zapt Industries, Brisbane / Australia

...and many more!

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