Sales Method

We know that successful sales is one of the most important objectives of every market expansion project and often the core starting point to begin with. Based on this knowledge and because we are dedicated to the achievement of your sales success on the German market, we have developed a sales method which is based on pragmatism and the consequent striving for success:



Every project begins with thorough preparation, consisting of:


• Product training
• Initial interview
• Examination of past sales methods in other markets
• Target definition
• Sales channel
• Sales tools preparation and much more!


The preparation phase demands differing amounts of time and effort, depending on the product as well as the target market. Usually the "homework" of the preparation phase can be done within a fortnight, but always requires the assistance of the client, which never has been a problem so far!


One of the core points of our method is the following quick and pragmatic market testing. Why waiting until fancy marketing material is developed, if we (in most projects) can start immediately and test the reactions of our potential clients. This procedure offers valuable information about the chances of success of the considered approaches and lead to the sales optimization:


• Review of initial approaches
• Analysis of feedback and reactions from potential clients
• Adjustment of sales tools (handout, presentation, general approach, email text)
• Qualification of sales channel etc.


Subsequently, the production of actual sales campaign can start. With many years of experience and our wide and efficient network of partners, we are able to successfully realize almost every kind of campaign. The range of measures, tools, channels and elements of such a campaign differ from project to project and may include:


• Email marketing
• Telemarketing (process certified after ISO 9001:2008)
• Personal meetings
• Events
• Mailing of material
• Creation of special landing pages in German
• POS promotion
• Identification of distributors / further sales partners
• And many more!


This process is often repeated continuously, since the testing of new approaches, product combinations or innovations belongs to the daily business of a sales organization.

The ultimate goal of all efforts is and must be the successful sales and closing of deals. This aim is positioned in the center of all considerations from the start of a project, since already the first market testing can produce the first clients. Nevertheless, the accurate forming of a functional sales organization is not something to be done spontaneously – it takes time, experience and dedication!


When the core architecture has been successfully defined, the first deals have been closed and the clients are satisfied, we should not forget to 'make the ship seaworthy' and therefore define and install sophisticated sales controlling. This enables a constant monitoring of all activities and leads to the reporting that gives an overview about the number of targets, contacted potential clients, conversion rate, cancellation quote etc.


We talk about sales scaling, because our method is based on the achievement of successful sales with the smallest possible investment. Our strong belief is, if it can be proven in a petri dish – the rest is "only" a question of scaling the success larger. In some projects we are the guys that do the ground work to demonstrate how the total sales process has to look like. Hereafter, we are able to identify further sales partners, distributors and/or channels that will be necessary for a larger sales campaign. It is also possible to grow a new established sales organization here in Germany – we find the right people and make them ready for the task with intensive coaching.


BDG is interested in your success on the German market! You can expect a highly motivated and experienced team of professionals, taking care of your project and providing results that empower you to gain ground and grow in this new market.


Do not hesitate to contact us today for further information!

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