Distributor search

The systematic search for partners on the ground is one of our specialties when supporting companies to develop their business activities on new markets.


You probably ask yourself now: how does such a distributor search work and what will it cost?


Based on our long lasting experience in the field, we developed a multi-phase model, to ensure a systematic course of action, resulting in the best possible results for our customers.
Although our activities strongly depend on the requirements of the specific market or industry we are working on, there is a well-proven basic concept which guides our actions:


First Phase - Preparation:

1. Initial meeting: Definition of goals, conditions of a suitable distributor:

    financial, technical, sales, specific requirements

2. Preliminary research: determine potential of target market

3. Initial offer -> communication of acquisition fee per approached candidate +

    performance related bonus in case of closed contract with distributor

4. Present short list of candidates -> customer choses who to contact


Second Phase - Execution:

1. Approach of distributors

2. Arrangement of on-site meeting with distributor, client and one of our


3. Contractual negotiations with distributor


Third Phase - Completion: 

1. Completion of contract

2. Follow-up services


Within all these steps, it is important that you - as our client - have the exact knowledge about everything we do in your name. That is why you can expect a thorough reporting every fortnight from us. Hereby you are in control over the conducted acquisition process. 


You are intested in hearing more - do not hesitate to contact us today for an offer for your distributor search in Germany!

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