10 reasons for working with BDG

1. Results orientated
Our core focus is always on achieving long-term, measurable results for our clients. By driving their sales and income levels in a strategic manner, we help them to achieve a lasting commercial presence in the German market.

2. Friendly and approachable
Whilst we take our work very seriously, we don't take ourselves too seriously! The rapport we quickly build with our clients is the key to our success.

3. Ethics
We will never work for two clients simultaneously that are competitors in the same field.

4. Unrivalled experience
We are the only company of our kind in this arena combining classic consultancy with direct sales oriented agency work.

5. Full transparency
Trust is important to our clients as many of them are located far away from Germany. To ensure the delivery of quality levels for each project, it is also important that both sides know the exact status and can discuss details if necessary. We will provide you with full insights and results updates at every step of the process.

6. Quality Standards
We adhere to regulations DIN ISO9001:2008 concerning our working practices. In addition, for us, quality means giving what it takes to generate the desired results and to work according to standards that are based on many years of experience. Our highly trained and educated team offer you the benefits of superior methods, technical approaches and solutions – as our testimonials show. Quality in our opinion also means efficiency; consequently we strive to provide the best results within the budgetary timeframes.

7. Inside Knowledge
There is no substitute to having a team on the ground actively working to gain traction for your company in a foreign market. We have the established contacts and know-how to help you to achieve success in the German market.

8. Tailored Service
Our bespoke packages are structed to suit a variety of business needs. From all aspects such as marketing, rectruitment, legal advice, generating sales leads etc, our expert support and fee structure is arranged in a manner to suit your business needs.

9. Strategic Approach from the Start
There is no 'one-size fits all' approach to entering the German market. The choice of strategy relies on many factors and needs to be evaluated carefully, which is why our advice from the start can be invaluable.

10. Co-operative Partners
Building partnerships and alliances with other companies that could serve as partners is a potentially effective strategy option. The alignment of these is our speciality. From licensing agreements, distribution partnerships, franchising agreements to joint ventures, we act on our client's behalf to proactively seek out and secure effective, collaborative business relationships.

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