The Benefits of Investing in Germany

There is a growing and strongly held belief among many foreign enterprises that investing in Germany offers the advantages of both location and world class innovation. Therefore, it's no surprise that foreign businesses have looked to increase their investments in Germany in recent years. Recent figures prove that Germany is a significant market for investors. In 2013, investors deployed more capital in Germany than in the previous year, and foreign investors accounted for over one third of total turnover.


Driven by its strong industrialization, Germany has become the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest economy in the world. A global powerhouse of technological advancement, the country is a leading innovator and the second largest exporter in the world after China. In addition to this, housing 37 of the world's 500 largest listed companies backed by a very stable economy makes the country a lucrative target for international investors.


Germany's membership of the European Union has also enabled the country to become even more competitive, not only against other industrialized countries, but also alongside all other members of the Eurozone. The multiple economic benefits of inclusion in the European Union are another key attraction for those looking to invest in Germany.


From the intelligently structured educational system, which produces a supremely skilled and dedicated workforce, to the business friendly tax policies, Germany's business infrastructure provides much peace of mind for international investors. Germany's workforce is both highly educated and motivated, as shown by the minimal strike activity and higher education graduation figures.


Germany's unified tax code and logical, easy to adopt business laws also make Germany a very appealing investment prospect for foreign businesses. The tax laws are so investment-friendly for a good reason - the tax policy is geared towards the promotion of investment and to improving Germany's competitiveness in the global economy.


The major locations of investment are collectively known as the "Big Six": Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Munich. These cities account for almost 60 per cent of Germany's total annual investment volume. For any business considering investing in Germany, long-term stability and the ability to plan ahead are important and attractive factors. Germany has a very stable state infrastructure that functions efficiently; this ensures that social order is maintained and makes any region across the country a steady and rewarding target for foreign investment.

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