Creating an effective business plan

An understanding of the character of the German consumer is essential for foreign firms to maximise their chances of success in the German market. One of the cultural challenges often experienced by foreign firms is the "buy local" attitude found among German companies and consumers. In addition, buyers in this country require conclusive, independent evidence that a product or service will be of benefit.


Cleary, there is no 'one-size fits all' approach to entering the German market. For instance, direct export may be the most appropriate strategy in one market, whilst in another, a joint venture may be more appropriate. The choice of strategy relies on many factors and needs to be evaluated carefully, which is where the advice of an expert partner such as bdg can be invaluable. Once the route to market entry has been defined, we can also assist with plans for future expansion and growth in the German market.


As the value of thorough planning is at the heart of the German business culture, it follows that painstaking research and consideration of all the finer details is essential. We can help by working in partnership with your business to evaluate the opportunities and risks and for business and also in the preparation of a market entry business-plan.


BDG has extensive experience of creating business plans that help you do business in Germany.


If you are interested, please have a look at our Business Packages or contact us directly. 

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